Learned About Ford Safety First Hand; Earned Ford Loyalty For Life.

A few years ago I bought my first ever Ford vehicle. I bought a brand new 2005 Ford Mustang. It was my first real 'new' car; every previous vehicle I'd owned having been used I was extra enthusiastic with the brand new design and the fact that I had one of the first in our area. It took some convincing from my father to take a test drive, but I was sold before I even left the parking lot - the car just fit. It was small/nimble in drive and feel, yet large and secure and comfortable at the same time.

Unfortunately, a year and half later I was struck and consequently driven off the road by a distracted driver in a mini-van. In a matter of only a few seconds I got the chance to learn first hand about some of the great new safety features of my 2005 Mustang. My car was flipped end over end, with a short flight ending head on into a tree and a consequent landing/roll-over into a ditch. I distinctly remember, and always recall when asked about the situation, a feeling of security. I remember thinking to myself, I'm going to be ok, holding the steering wheel tight and knowing I had a lot of 'crumple' zone around me I felt safe. To date - I still strongly believe I would not have been as lucky to have survived had I been in a lesser vehicle.

Beyond the thrill of new car ownership, beyond the excitement of a fresh new design which seemingly started a new trend in the sports-car genre - Ford earned my loyalty that day. I am proud to say that I now own my third Mustang, driving a 2007 GT daily now with a 1994 GT Convertible in the garage for a fun tuner-car. I love my Mustangs and I believe in the safety of my Ford. When my wife's GM lease comes due - she too wants be in a new Ford, and for that matter a lot of people I speak to about my accident are thinking Ford vehicles might deserve a second look - so I figured it worth sharing.
Mark 10/11/2009
Fords needs to develop a technology that beeps and vibrates the steering wheel when the drivers eyes leave the road for more than a few secs. (turned off in transmission is in reverse)