Just Cant Get Enough !

Growing up, i always dreamed about Mustangs. So that very one day i got my license, my father got me my very own 2004 Mustang- 40th anniversary series. It was the greatest thing ever. The ratteling v8 exhaust was just wonderful. The vehicle being bought in 2009, only had 24,000 miles on it and ran me about $10,000 . I coldent bargain ! I added some Saleen rims to the car and a lot of other things under the hood. I take care of it like its my baby ! & no other car can come between us. If Ford hadnt done what they do today, i wouldent even know what i would be driving. I just cant get enough of it.
Steven 05/31/2011
Ive seen this car around ! I live in the canton area and also own a mustang ! Wee should hangout and tune our cars together !!