Joy On Four Wheels

In 2009, I moved to America from the UK. I had a couple of incidence which had attracted me to Ford Mustangs before moving out. When I got there, I joked about getting a Mustang and after a couple of months I saw one at a car dealership and fell in love with it. I had to buy it. With my wife's support I purchased the car. It was a 2009 Ford Mustang and a 45th Anniversary Edition and looked fantastic.
Even touring round America I found Americans (who are used to seeing Mustangs) coming up to me and complimenting me on a great motor.
I moved back to the UK and was unable to part with my car so I paid for it to be shipped back home.
It is a beautiful car that has given lots of joy to me and many people here that have got the chance to have a ride in it. Everyone has walked away with big grins on their faces, and that says it all.