Jeremy's Dream

Our Family has always been car people. My Dad had bought a brand new car in the 60's and only drove it in the summer to save his son when he pasted away. My hudband also bouht a car to save for his son Jeremy so when he pasted away he could hand it down to him. Jeremy saw this 2008 Rousch Mustage FR 500 and bought it in 2008, he had a son that was 4 at the time. The first summer he had the car I drove it for most of the summer because young kids were rude. Jeremy stored his car the 2008-2009 winter and was excited to get it out for the 2009 summer. The second week in March 2009 he got his pride and joy out of the garage. Jeremy had just bought a house in December 2008. On March 23, 2009 Jeremy and his soon to be wife Jessica went to town to get an ice cream cone in his car and my son never came home. On the way back from town, three 16 year old kids chased him down and ran him off the road and never stopped. Out his bedroom window Jessica can see were Jeremy lost his life. We still have his car and want to keep the tradition going but need to find a frame so we can put all the parts that can be saved on his car to save it for his son like he dreamed. Could you please let me know how to go about getting information on putting Jeremy's mustang back to the way it ways, as close as we can. I would really be greatful. Jeremy's MOM
I have being trying to find out any information concerning to the USER GUIDE MANUAL for Ford Explorer XLT 94/94, since I became owner of such a kind.
The reason is that such vehicle is broken and therefore needing maintenance.
I count on you to help me on providing the manual for services.
Thanks in advance
My best regards,
Lélio. Cel n° +55- 16 8115 5575 Brazil
Randy 07/22/2010
Terrible turn of events, so sorry to hear this. If I can be of any help please let me know as i do work for a Ford dealership in parts....