It's Just In My Blood.

I grew up around cars. My dad has been involved in car sales for as long as I've graced the surface of the Earth. I think he's sold any make of vehicle imaginable, but our family is, and always was, a Ford family.

My dad always told me that if you were going to be involved in sales, you had to believe in the brand you were selling. We believe in Fords. Very few manufactured goods have an impact on someone's daily life the way a vehicle does. For my dad, honesty is the best policy, and he always wanted to tell customers information that he believed with all his heart to be true. You can't argue with the "Built Ford Tough" display at the dealership, or the solid traditions behind the history of Ford. There's a reason Ford produces best sellers. They're a brand to believe in.

Not only do we believe in Ford, but I've experienced a time in my life when Ford believed in me. Growing up in rural northwest Florida, I was a member of the National FFA Organizatoin, formerly known as the Future Farmers of America. Typical for country kids, my first "car" was a pick-up truck, an F-150 to be exact. I used every once of muscle that 4x4 had going to cattle shows and hauling hog feed. I liked driving a Ford simply because it was a good truck. I loved driving a Ford after my first National FFA Convention. I've never been more proud to own a Ford than when I sat in the convention hall listening to a Ford representative talk about how Ford is one of the largest sponsors of FFA, and has been contributing to the organization for decades.

I traded in my truck for a Mustang my senior year of high school after being elected to serve as a Florida FFA state officer for a year. I spent that year traveling up and down the state of Florida representing the Florida FFA Association, and you better believe there was a Florida FFA license plate on the back of my Ford. Now, that FFA tag currently resides on my Ford 500 that sits outside my college residence.

I would not be where I am today without my involvement with the FFA, and the FFA wouldn't be as successful in developing young leaders without the support of Ford. The relationship between Ford and the FFA has had a huge impact on my life, and for that reason I will continue to support both in my future years. Both Ford and FFA have something in common: They're built on solid traditions and they've been providing opportunities for young people to succeed for years.

Thank you, Ford, for believing in me. You truly made a difference.