It's Just Brain Surgery....

By the age of 10, I knew the Ford Mustang was my dream car.  I displayed posters on my wall of all kinds of Mustangs.  I drempt of owning one someday.  My love for 'Stangs never faultered.  As an adult, I don't have tons of shoes or purses or make up or clothes, or whatever woman love to spend money on these days.  What I love is simple, it's a Mustang.  

When I was younger, I tried to finance a car only for the deal to fall through.  I then had children and felt it was no longer feasible to own a muscle car.  Then my life took a turn for the worse at age 34 and medically I was spiraling downhill with a debiliatating disease called Intracranial Hypertension or Pseudotumor.  After a couple of years of one medical issue after another, I pulled my self together to have brain surgery and to correct the problem with a shunt.

Amazingly, the very risky procedure went very well thank you to my wonderful Neurosurgeon.  I felt much better and finally felt that I could start living my life.  After I healed, I asked my husband if I could buy a Mustang - sarcastically expecting him to say "not until the kids grow older."  Instead he said "Hands down I think you've been through enough - you deserve it."  And I agreed with him, I certainly do deserve it!  I've had it about 3 and a half years and it's still my baby.  I'm waiting for the '15's to come out as I'll be waiting in line.  This girl right here is loyal, dedicated, knowledgeable, and spreads the Mustang gospel.  I bleed Ford blue!
Muhammad 05/06/2014
its more than a dream for me ! I belive one day i will have it
Zé Madalena S 05/06/2014
Good afternoon, I live in Brazil I'm 57 years old and when it was released here FORD GALAXIE 1967 I was 11 and it was love at first sight then when I turned 22 years bought my 1st (GALAXIE 1967) and Directive almost 30 GALAXIES and I'm now a not seeing any way exatemente equal to 1 that I bought in 1978, hugs for everyone.