Its A Ford Family Tradition!

Growing up, we've always had Fords. My Dad and my Uncle had Mustangs, my brother has had 3, including a 73' 351 convertible, 88' LX 351, and currently he's restoring his 69' Mach 1. I've always wanted a Mustang. But mine had to be a convertible!
Back in 2005, as I was getting my Ford Escape serviced, I saw it! It was the exact color I wanted. Sonic Blue! It had all the options I wanted, including the Shaker stereo system. We were going to Florida that weekend. I called my friend and said, "Would you rather go to Florida in a convertible?" He replied, "...What are you doing? ...I'm on my way!" Next, I called my Dad. He said, "if you can afford it, buy it." And so... I did! A month later, after driving my new Mustang, my Dad bought another one. I've enjoyed 6 years and counting with this great car! Can't wait to buy another!
abdulah alzailaie 04/22/2011
ford all the way brother my family shares alot with you guys . We own a ford expedition 2005 a ford mondeo 2003 ghia , ford mondeo 2011 ghia , ford fusion 2010 , ford crown vic 2011 and a ford taurus 2010 sho.
We live in saudi arabia so we get all the cars ford make + FPV + FORD AUSTRALIA. We used to own a FPV gt falcon it was awesome