In The Making Of The "93"

We ordered the 93 Cobra for my birthday. My nephew was getting married in California and it came in 3 days before I was to leave. So we went to Jasper, Indiana. Ruxer Ford and picked it up.  While I was in California I picked up a newspaper and the woman that designed the Cobra was on the front page of the paper, they were talking about how she finished up the design on the Cobra while she was in the hospital delivering her baby girl. That was so cool to see that, when I had just got mine before I left Bedford.  I kept the paper, brought it home, and we have it laminated and on the wall in the garage with the other Cobra and the 2 Shelby's.  I thought it was a pretty cool story. 

Steve W 08/28/2014
Our family has always like Ford. My wife and I promised our daughter that we would get her a 1965 Ford Mustang when she graduated high School.  All we found was too far gone or too high in price.  Her and her mother found a 1994 with new rebuilt 302 and looked great and she wanted.  Man that thing would run, but it was a straight drive. She could never learned to drive it, so I traded her my Buick Regal for the Mustang. You can't beat the sound of a mustang winding out those gears.  My Mustang is gone but the memories are still there.