In Memory Of Mom

It started when my dad saw a young girl driving her mustang in downtown Colorado Springs cruising "the ave" in about 1978. He went over and started talking to her about her car because he was/is a huge mustang nut. They ended up hanging out and she let him drive her mustang. Skipping some details, They got married in '80, soon after had my older brother. The mustang got wrecked and with a new son, family came first and the mustang went on the back burner. They drove it up until the transmission failed. At that point they had another car, and put the mustang in storage. I was born in '86 and the mustang remained in storage for years to come. Jumping ahead to 2006, we got the mustang out of storage after it sitting for about 23 years. I worked day and night to get it running. We had it driveable, and drove it and enjoyed it until we got further into working on it. In Sept 2008 my mom passed away. We got the mustang driveable so that my dad could take her remains home in her very first car. Since then we have been working to restore the car in her memory. Money is tight and time is hard to come by so it has taken quite a bit of time to get to the point we are at today. I cant wait to get my moms mustang back on the road so I can drive my daughters around in a family heirloom.
Ford Social 08/14/2014
Hi Chris - Thank you for sharing your touching story! We are so happy to know that a Ford Mustang played a small part in bringing your parents together. - Social.Ford