I Must Have That Car

My very first car was a 1967 Mustang with two tone pony interior. I loved that car and as an adult always wanted another one but a convertible this time.
We were in my Freestyle going past the dealership one Sunday and seen this Mustang in the lot. It looked sharp and my husband remarked now I like the looks of that one, so we stopped to get a closer look. When I walked up to it and seen it was a Breast Cancer Edition I had to have it. We went back to the next day and I told the salesman I wanted that Mustang. He remarked don't you want to take it for a test drive? Oh Okay.
My mom died from Breast Cancer when I was a little girl so I am a supporter of Breast Cancer and do what I can to support them. I had found out that the only reason that car was on the lot was it was trained in for the Susan G Komen race that had taken place downtown. I am very proud of my car and plan on keeping it forever. Thank you Ford for making this beautiful car and supporting a great cause.
tito 06/14/2010
such a great story, very touching, and rewarding to read. Congratulations on your new mustang. theres no other person that was supposed to have that car other than you, as far im concerned. i love the picture too.

John Rotella 06/11/2010
Only Mustang makes it happen!