I Just Love My Mustang

When I was a child, my cousin got a 66 black Mustang. We rode around in it for years until I was a teenager. Ive loved the Mustang ever since. I always knew there was only one car Id ever be truly happy driving.. a Ford and it had to be a Mustang. I saved up and bought a used 75 when I was a teenager. When I sold it I got my first loan, no co signer, for a teal green 85 LX. Drove this one for 12 years. Back in the 90's my health declined due to Lupus. I knew I'd never be able to afford another Mustang on my own. I felt like I transported here and there for about 10 years, but never felt like I was actually driving. You might say Prince Charming showed up in 2001. When Ford brought back the retro in 05, I just had tears in my eyes. I really wanted one. One day there was a red one at Riggins Motors. My birthday is 4/20. My better half went and checked it out. He got the banking end ready for a loan and it was mine for Mother's Day. He had wanted to get it for me for my B day, so I always think of it as a combo present. I absolutely love it. For me it was a dream come true. Red exterior, black leather interior. I Love My Mustang