I Had To Have Brain Surgery To Get My 'Stang

My love affair for the Ford Mustang started over 25 years ago when my family owned a red '65 Mustang. At the time I was just a young pup and only had the privilege of riding in it instead of driving it. I carried that love affair throughout the years knowing that one day I would have my own. I had my two children in my 20's and determined that this car would not be appropriate to tote around my kids in their car seats, so once again I had to wait for my dream car. After having brain surgery to relieve the pain I was having in my head years later, I realized that life is too short and it was time to make my dream come true. I finally picked out my 2011 Kona Blue Metallic Mustang with the pony package. At the dealership, the salesman joked around with my husband and asked "What did she do to earn this card?" I simply replied...."not much, I just had brain surgery to get this car." And so I lived happily ever after....with my 'Stang!
Dave E 04/25/2012
Great story! Glad you are okay. That's a beautiful Mustang. I really like the Kona Blue.