I Had The Best Server At Steak N Shake

So, I was eating dinner after work before I left for night school. I decided to eat at Steak N Shake and I was greeted by this lovely server named 'Penny.'  I noticed she was wearing a mustang 3-bar pin on her uniform and since I'm a Mustang owner myself said; "nice pin! You like Mustangs?"

She proceeded to tell me about her Frost Turquoise 1967 Mustang that she owned for 16 years and ran to her car to get pictures. She was clearly very proud of having owned this car and was getting a little teary-eyed when telling me her story. You see, she purchased the car in 1992. She was a single mother, but that didn't stop her from not only providing for her daughter (her daughter is now a chemist) but she is absolutely crazy (in a great way) about Mustangs. She performed several modifications of adding oem options for that year and just restoring the car to pristine condition herself. She said the car was almost in a commercial that fell through the day of shooting and won lots of trophies. Penny also mentioned being part of the Mustang club of America.

Sadly, she lost her old job and was forced to sell her precious Mustang in 2008. I could see her holding back tears when she told me. I feel so bad for her! Please, can someone from Ford contact her to show recognition for her enthusiasm? Please, feel free to contact me and I'll let you know exactly which location it is or I could even find out how you can contact her personally.