I Gave Up My Mustang For A Baby Girl

In 1975, I purchased my first Mustang. In 1976, I had to give it up for a beautiful baby girl! Sounds strange doesn't it?

This is how the story goes. My new yellow '75 Mustang with white vinyl top and white interior, was the love of my life. I have loved Mustangs since my teenage crush got his in 1965 and took me for a ride in it. It was a yellow covertable. Wow, what a vehicle! There are no words to describe how I felt when he picked me up and we cruised "the drag". The love for my "crush" faded but my love for Mustangs didn't, so when I got my new one in '75, I was on cloud nine!

I cruised to work every morning with a new zest for life. Even in Dallas traffic, it was a joy to drive to work. This beautiful experience continued for several months until another beautiful life experience happened. I became pregnant with a much wanted baby girl. I was so very thrilled and excited and couldn't wait for that due date to come. As the months raced by, my tummy became bigger and bigger and bigger..... by my 7th month, I found I could no longer drive my Mustang due to my tummy being so big and my legs being so short. Get the picture. Also, to add to the difficulty, my Mustang was a 5 speed. Well, to make a long story short, I had to trade my Mustang in for a large family size car which would accomadate my growing tummy andfamily. What a sad day for me. Of course when that beautiful, 10 lb baby girl arrived, it was all worth it. However, to this very day, I miss my Mustang and have made it a priority to have one again. Every year, I visit the car show at the Texas State Fair and try out the new Ford Mustang. This year I made up my mind that I will have a 2010 Red Mustang. My grandson took my picture in it and told me he would buy it for me if he had the money. How sweet grandbabies are, but my time has come. I am now 59 years old and I want my very own Mustang. My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting one at my age. What do you think?
Kelley 10/12/2009
I'm that little girl! My mom deserves her Mustang. (hint, hint Daddy!)
Jason 10/12/2009
I dont think your crazy either, I come from a long line of mustang lovers, so ofcourse my grandmother has one, a 1995 Mustang Cobra 5 speed did i mention shes 72 years young? I blame my grandmother for planting this seed in me, When i was only 24 hours old I rode home in her 1983 Mustang GT in the passenger seat in the arms of my dad looking up through the t top windows. (so the story goes) I grew up in that car when. When was 15 i got the car & drove it up untill i was 18 Bought my own 1997 Mustang cobra But i didnt get rid of the 83 it sits in the back of my garage waiting for a sunny day to get out and go for a drive. So tell your husband you cant help it its in your blood and thats the way it always will be.
Lynda 10/09/2009
You are not crazy! I am a couple of years behind you but I bought my 2006, Performance White GT almost 3 years ago! It is babied and loved. And it is the car of choice for my adorable 3 year old granddaughter. Guess who it is willed to!