I Can't Let Go

In June of 2006 I bought a new 2007 black Mustang GT California Special with the GT appearance package, 5SP manual and 355 rear gears. It listed for 33k and was one of the first 2007s to arrive to S. Florida. It was love at first sight from every angle. I generally don't keep a car more that 5 or 6 years but I have been smitten with my Mustang since day one when she came off the truck on to the Ford dealer's lot. A feeling that so far has not been inspired by any later Mustang since. The style of the body just flows uninterrupted from front to back! Yes the newer ones might be faster and have more bells and whistles but my 2007 GT/CS just looks better going down the road and still makes me smile. Take a look at the attached picture and you will see what I mean. A big thank you to Hau Thai-Tang chief engineer for the 2005 to 2009 Mustang. Ford got it right that time around and I'll keep her until Ford gets it right again. I just can't let go until then.