I Can't Believe I Named My Car!

I purchased a new 2011 Ford Mustang convertible (V6) in July 2010 and have now driven her 30K plus miles in a year. I typically don't drive a car that much but I enjoy my Mustang so much I decided to make several road trips with her. Yes, I call my Mustang her and even named her Angie after either Angelina Jolie or the Rolling Stones song Angie ... you pick.

While I would have liked to get the V8 I preferred the going with the Convertible and a V8 just seemed to Muscle Car for a convertible. Believe me the 300 hp V6 gives me plenty of power.

Real quickly I took Angie on a 7k mile trip from coast to coast and back and nearly 2k miles up and down the States of California and Oregon and she performed perfectly. I love my pony.

Thanks Ford! You really stepped it up with this car.
Elizabeth Mandeville 08/02/2011
Once you have a Pony Car, you're hooked! I had a 1985 GT that I traded in for a 1993 Mustang GT convertible "back in the day." If I had the means, I would have kept her. My mother nicknamed the '85 "the Rottweiler." You could hear that 5-speed, 5L coming a few blocks away. I still have my '93, and still enjoy the drive.