I Always Wanted A Mustang

By Jim F.

When I was a kid, my father worked at Ford at Dearborn Engineering for 20 some years. He loved working there and driving the Ford products he worked on. So in 1965, it would be no surprise that he would buy a new Mustang. As a child of 7 years old, I was taken with the cool car he brought home. I always wanted my own Mustang.
When my older brother graduated high school, he got the Mustang my dad bought. So I worked hard to graduate with good grades, so I could get a Mustang. But after my brother cracked his up, my dad was not going set me up with a Mustang. I, too, worked at Ford for a bit, worked at Ford suppliers and drove other Ford products. Then I married a fine lady who also worked at Ford for 20 some year also. My new wife stated she would love to have Ford Mustang convertible as our third car. Boy, I love the way this lady thinks! So we went out and found a used 2000 Mustang convertible. What a sweet car! We loved driving that car. As a third car, it had to sit outside the garage. Then last year, a tornado attacked our house. We were able to hide safely from the storm, but the Mustang parked outside was wiped out.
After the insurance paid out, we looked around and found a 2003 Mustang convertible. Some day it’ll be a new body style Mustang, but we just love this Mustang for now. You can find us around town with the top down in the summer time. And during the winter, we are anxiously anticipating during it again as soon as spring arrives.