I-90 Pile Up

By Lynn S.

On January 6, 2008, Pete, Emma and I were involved in a 100 car pileup on I-90 just south of Madison. Pete was driving and we were actually stopped on the shoulder of the highway (due to accidents in front of us) when a semi came barrelling in and threw the Chevy Trail Blazer on top of us. The pictures are a little shocking but we all left the vehicle (mostly) unhurt. Emma and I were taken to the hospital in Madison and x-rayed. Everything was ok, we just had to wear these beautifully, fashionable neck braces for a week, then a check up with an orthopedist (sp?). We also had medicine for pain because we feel like we got hit by a truck. (Pun intended) My car even made the news. I'm not sure if it was because it was so pretty or because of the truck balancing on top of it. ;-) Unfortunatly, I will be having no more fun with my mustang any longer. She did however give her life helping to shield us from too much harm.

Oh yeah, the picture of the interior with the wheel balancing on the car... Emma was sitting in that seat.
Laura Smith 07/09/2011
Oh wow!! Sorry about your Stang but glad you are all all right.