How My Mustang Is Getting The Man Of Steel Accent

This is a story about my 2011 mustang V6 Premium convertible and how i combined my love for mustang and my passion as a Superman items collector.
When a got my mustang I said: i will keep it as i got it, no modifications it will recieve, but 3 weeks lates i got the engine dressing, rear will splas trims... and latel my mustnag got the side scoops, the hood scoop and the 2011 Roush racing spoiler... and of course a pair of superman emblems, one on each fender.... also a flying superman figuires is hanging from the windshield mirror... Every body in the office take pictures and the most excited about it are the kids... during las xmas at a mall near my apartament i cougth two kids taking pictures of the mustang because the say the wanted to make posters of him for ther bedroom... I didnt imagine this admiration in people... for the future my mustang will get a: Superman windshield banner, royal blue racing strips and a custom leather seat covers with the superman logo.
This story will continue....