How I Discovered My 1966 Mustang

Late spring 1988 I found myself searching for a Harley Davidson motorcycle fresh out of high school and with money burning my pocket from my full-time job. But because of the disagreement with my father over the decision of kick-start (he's an ol' biker) vs. pushbutton start - I couldn’t make up my mind.

In my search I drove past a used car lot in East Haven Connecticut and was captivated by a blue Mustang. After making a questionable U-turn in the middle of the street, I soon found myself talking to the owner of the car (used car lot owner) from behind the steering wheel. The full specs were given: 289cid bored 10-over, with a custom aluminum intake manifold and 4V carb with headers, power brakes, 4spd, and 9" rear. And as luck would have it, the Mustang color was not a factory color, it was however Pacific Blue - the same color Harley Davidson uses. A short ride around the block and I would forever be a Ford Mustang guy.

I had that car until a few years ago - miss it every day, but I know that someday (when my kids graduate college) I’ll get another. And the magic of the Mustang will rekindle my youth, just as it did for my father when I drove my Mustang home for the very first time.

I never did get that motorcycle, and I never thought twice about my decision to buy that 66 Mustang instead.