How I Became A Ford Fan For Life

By Kyle B.

My parents brought me up around muscle cars. They had Mopar's but are Ford fans as well. Anything but Chevy. When I was in grade school my uncle gave me a ride in his 1967 Ford Mustang notchback with a 289 (re-built to Hi-Po specs) and 4spd trans. I was hooked. I fell in love with that car from that moment on. It sat in his garage for almost 20 years before I wound up getting it. About a year before he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, he called my mom up and asked if she would let me have the car. She agreed and I took ownership of the Mustang that started it all for me. All I had to do was put in a power garage door opener for his garage and promise I would restore it right and not get in any trouble with it. Unfortunately he passed away before I could start to restore it, but I know in my heart he passed it on to me for a reason. He knew he instilled that passion he had for his Mustang into me and he knew it would be in good hands. Someday soon the restoration will start and the ol' Mustang will again come to life and those memories of me and my uncle will come back once again. I have the first page of the 2010 Mustang brochure framed in my garage..."When was the first time? You pressed your face to the glass and exclaimed that 4-letter word, 'COOL'." I will never forget that first time. Thank you Ford Motor Company. I bleed Ford Blue.