How Ford Saved My Life

i was involved in an accident with another mustang(coincidentally) where the driver was going 125 mph and hit me head on in my driver's side door. the news report even said 2 fatalities....we both survived. when u c the damage done 2 the cars it will chill you to the bone and somehow i walked away with fairly minor injuries compared to what they could have been. the authorities involved in this accident are completely baffled that i am ok after cutting me from the carnage. i do not even want to think what would have happened if i had been driving something else. these pics are evidence that this car is one of the safest....i truly believe it saved my life. i had multiple fractures in my right hand and foot that are expected to make a full recovery....after seeing these photos, i am amazed that is all that happened to me. i was a real life crash test dummy. thank you ford i plan to buy another one as soon as im able to drive again!