Hopefully My First Car!

Well, for starters, this isn't actually my car yet, it's my Dad's. I'm too young to drive. However, I am determined that this will be the car I drive as soon as I am able to. The car is a 1984 Mustang 20th Anniversary edition 302 5 speed manual . It's all stock except for the exhaust, wheels (TRX was stolen) and clutch (previous owner installed these). I truly love Mustangs. My Dad has has Mustangs since I was a little kid. in fact, his first car was a Mustang as well. I consider this car special not only because it is an anniversary model and because it looks great, but for the fact that I went to go get it with my Dad and had a great time with him. The only car I would maybe drive over this would be my Dad's 1983 Mustang GT, just because I really like the look of the '83 hood scoop. There is no other car I would want other than a Ford Mustang.
Chris R 07/14/2012
Good luck. I used to want to buy a 1983 Mustang 5.0 so badly. I was 16 or 17 & always said I was going to get one, but my older cousin always used to break my spirits when he always said I'd kill myself driving a 5.0. Boo to him! I never got one (not because of what he said, but just never had the chance to get one & eventually I drove other cars). I've owned three Fords though. Get that car!