Home Depot Car

My wife and I were long haul truck drivers up till 2008, during 2005 we were doing a dedicated parts run for GM/Saturn from Ontario to Tennesse. Our last pickup was around the corner from the Ford dealer in Amherstburg. Turning into that street, I stopped the rig right in the middle of the intersection opon spotting the 05 Stangs. My wife told me we had to move, but said we could stop on the way out after our pickup. We did, took a test drive and made adeal. We made a down payment and waited for our car. Weeks went by and we would stop in and ask where our car was ( we qualified for the Ford X plan) and kept getting a run around about serializing.

While at Home Depot in Sarnia, my wife was taking the cart back to the rack and met a man and his son getting into a 05 Stang. She asked how he liked it, great was the answer. my wife said we had one on order for ever and couldn't wait to drive ours. He asked why the delay, she told him, he said he was sales manager for Lambton Ford and they had ordered one that day. My wife asked if it was sold, he said as if the time he left work on Friday it wasn't. We asked if it wasn't sold could he change the specs to what we wanted. He siad probably. My wife got out our cheque book, and asked how much down he would need. He gave us a figure and we said we would fax him the specs on Monday.

Our 05 Mustang GT with 14,200 miles on it is now wrapped up for winter in the garage, and will come out again when the spring arrives. Adream to drive and own ( first new car since our 69 Firebird), and known at lambton Ford as the Home Depot Mustang.