Hidden Under Boxes

In the summer of 2011 I was quitting my job as a door-to-door saleman. I was informing all of my customers that I was leaving. There was one particular couple that I had a wonderful bond with. We always had time to squeeze in a story about our glory days driving different cars. The husband always told stories about his sons Mustang and how it was a really mean car. After I told them that I was leaving he says "I have something to show you in the garage." Now, his garage was a large 2 car that was half full of boxes. I had been in there before, but never minded the mess because I am not one to judge. I say to him jokingly "What is in your garage that I haven't already seen?" Trying to avoid going in there again. He takes me outside and opens the second door. It hadn't been opened in a while, by the way the boxes looked. Then all of a sudden I noticed a car tarp.
What? No, it can't be. Yep!
There, under a bunch of boxes, under a tarp, was a pristine 1997 Mustang Cobra. His son had destroyed the motor and gave it back to him 6 years before.  He had the motor replaced by a dealer, but couldn't drive it because the clutch was too heavy. My customer is in his 70's with a bad hip. The Cobra had been sitting there all this time with 73000 miles on the the car and only had 1700 miles on the new motor. He asked that I purchase it because it belonged in the hands of someone who would appreciate the car.
I was getting ready to change careers and couldn't afford it. However, because he knew I would take care of it we struck a deal and now for almost 3 years I have owned the car of my childhood dreams.
Ford Social 08/08/2014
Hi Michael - What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it with us. - Social.Ford