Hidden Blessing From A Crash

By Troy L.

Now I know that the title of this story seems a bit strange, but hear me out. In March of this year I was driving a Hyundai Tucson. If I were to describe what it looks like it would be a light suv. This car certaintly did not have the looks or speed I wanted but, it was all I could get for my type of credit. The good things were it was Black, had tinted windows, was equiped with Sirus XM radio and when I got the car Jan 1 it was around 18,000 miles. For 2 months I enjoyed this ride. No more having transmission and brake problems. I actually knew how much gas I needed because on my previous car the gauges didn't work. Plus I could comfortably drive on the highway. Things with my 1989 Thunderbird would not let me do. But what do you expect for buying a car that cost 1000 dollars. Then it happen. I got into a wreck. I didn't see him and he didn't see me untill the last mintue. But the good news was I had insurance and aside from some shoreness in my neck I turn out fine. The guy was alright too by the way. The bad part was my Tucson I enjoyed was totaled. So no ride and having to get rides to work was really depressing. I had to do something. That something was chosing what I wanted instead of letting some dealership pick out would I could and couldn't drive because of my credit. So I decided to get a Stang. For a whole week I was searching for something that had low miles and was bit cheaper than my Tucson. For a while it was frustrating but BINGO i found the Stang I wanted. It dealership that was down the street from where I work that had the car I wanted. It was so nice! So I try to check it out but the saleman was so freaking annoying! Typical chessy car salesmen crap he was trying to lay on me. So I left looking for another car I was interested in. But the car wasn't there because someone had bought it. So I went home for that day. Then the next day I decided to take another look. I figured I wouldn't have to deal with that salesmen again and besides this could be my chance to get a Stang! Sure enough I didn't have to deal with that guy. This salesmen was alot cooler to deal with. When I took Maria (the Stang's name) for a test drive, it was done deal! Now I will spare you all the boring details of how I got it. But I will say I was on nerves end because unlike my last dealership that had 24 banks to chose from to approve financing this dealership only had two and one turn me down. But of course thanks to the man upstairs the bank approved me and got my Stang! Now days I enjoy having my Maria. I love how random people look at the ride it give it good complements. Driving the car at high speed even for a V6 gives me a thrill. Washing the car even makes me smile. So you see people, out of that horrible crash was the blessing of getting a Stang!
Laura Smith 07/09/2011
Congratulations on getting the car you wanted!!! Never settle! Take care of Maria and she'll take care of you.
Walter Thomas 07/05/2011
Great, And yes God will bless you and turn the impossible into possible.