Happy Father's Day Dad....you Taught Me Well!

Memories of my Dad and our love of the "Muscle" Mustangs ?
My Dad had a 1969 Fastback GT Mustang in dark blue w/metal flake.
That Mustang had the greatest "rumble"!
It had the back seat that folded down flat........ I LOVED laying back below that slanted, fast back window and watching the sky as my Daddy drove. The rumble of the engine, the way the steering wheel vibrated when we were just idling at a signal light, and watching the sky fly by...........I was completely 'hooked'!
I am now almost 47 years old, and even though my father passed away many years ago, I feel connected through our mutual love of Muscle Cars that 'rumble' ?
The ONLY cars I have ever owned have all been Mustang's and The BULLITT Mustang I have now would make my Dad proud, she has the same throaty rumble & slight vibration as his '69 :)
Thanks Dad....you taught me well.
*Happy Fathers Day Dad*
?If heaven has Muscle cars, I'm sure your driving one of the loudest and is definetely a MUSTANG ?
I love you!