Glad The Covette Didn't Work Out

By Don W.

In late summer of 2003, not knowing what would transpire in less than a year, we sold our 1998 Harley Davidson Road King Classic after 28 years of riding. In June of 2004 I was building my 3 year old daughter a swing set. I ruptured 2 lumbar discs, which took me down a 4 year path of pain/anguish. In February of 2008, severely depressed and unable to function well, I had a spinal lumbar fusion. After 2 years of intense Physical Therapy, I was cleared to "do anything again ". I was actively searching for a motorcycle again. A close friend told me about a spotless new Corvette that was for sale and very well taken care of listed below book value (a colleague of ours who died of cancer). My wife and I talked about maybe a sports car would be a better idea than a motorcycle again with my back injury. This was on a Saturday. I called her on Sunday afternoon; only to find out she sold it not more than a few hours before. This began my investigation of what sports car to look for. I test drove the Mustang, a Camaro, and a Challenger. When test driving the 2009 Mustang GT I was impressed, the salesman said "I can give you a better price on the 2009, but would you like to drive the new one?" After driving the 2010 Mustang GT, I said "I will gladly pay the extra money!" We ordered the Mustang GT in Sunset Gold, with a black "over the top" stripe (only 415 Sunset Gold were built in 2010). I love it, It is so much fun to drive!
By the way Ford Engineers, it is Very Comfortable for my back (titanium screws, and peek rods that me together ).
RICK S 02/26/2012
That is a gorgeous Mustang. Do not see this color often enough!!
The Mustang is a much better car than a corvette.