Getting Lost For Test Drive

My wife and i were trying online to find a replacement for our 1998 Mustang Gt that was totaled in 2006 and after lloking online for about a month on we found 2 out of 1500 Mustang . one in Va and one in NJ. i kept watching the prices drop and i called the dealer (which was a GM dealer) and talked to them about the price. whioch was $16,988 and asked them if they would take $16,500 and they said no. so i called my credit union and told them what they said and the credit union said they would finance it for the price they wanted,. So my wife and i told them we would be up after work on a Thursday eevening after work to test drive it and got lost on the way. they closed a 9pm and it was already 830 not knowing where we were. well we finally got there and fell in love with the car. it only had 23,000 miles on it . gave a deposit and picked it up August 4 and got it for $2200 under Kelly Blue book value. since owning it we attended the 45th Mustang Anny in Alabama last year. got to meet Alan Mulally, Vaughn Gittin Jr. made some minor mods to the car since. Thank you Ford for building my 2004 Redfire Mustang Gt convert.
Angel 05/26/2010
This may be a moot point but I think Dan should've pressed his initial offer. It's a 2004 so had he left his information with the GM dealer one of the other sales reps would've called him back a couple weeks later.
paul spriggs 05/23/2010
i would like to see the crown vics availible for the aus nz market.
dan heagy 05/14/2010
I'm so honored to be picked by Ford for The Ford Story. i hope alot more Ford owners to get to share their storys with Ford fans as i did. Thank you so Much.