From Playhouse To Hotrod

My love for Ford came from my dad who is a die hard Ford Man. He is the classic country boy with old Ford cars all around the house and when I was a little kid, he had a broken down 65' Mustang which he let me use as my playhouse during the warm months. It was gutted out except for the back seat and it's were I LIVED until I was about 14. I always told my dad that it was my car and I wanted to drive it someday so one day when I came walking up to the house at about 15 yrs old, I saw him lowering a motor into the 65'. He had a motor chain hooked up to our old oak tree. I stopped frozen and then asked him what he was doing. He said "I'm just fixing up the Mustang for this girl I know who's about to turn 16" with a smile on his face. I DIED! It was the best moment of my life. We worked on it together and even though it wasn't in mint condition, I didnt' care. It was the best thing in my life. I loved that car and eventually had to pass it down to my little brother but it will always be mine in my heart. I hope to own another one someday but until then, I sport my 2011 Ford Flex! I'm a proud Air Force wife, mother of 5 fantastic kids and an ex Navy girl. I love the USA and Ford defines American sports car and family car. Just doesn't get any better.

Deniece Blasko
Wichita, KS