From Mustang To Mustang

My first car at the tender age of 18 was a dark blue '69 mustang coupe. My dad was a master mechanic, a true & loyal Ford owner/enthusiast & went shopping with me for this vehicle. Of course when on the lot I spotted the Shelby 1st but he said NO. Then the Boss 302 & again NO. I ended up with the coupe which I kept for close to 10 yrs.
I never really wanted a mustang again until they were reintroduced in '05. I had a choice between a preowned '05 Saleen or a modified '07 GT. I chose the latter because the Saleen owner had put the Saleen twin screw supercharger on aftermarket but had not upgraded the fuel injection, he had also replaced the rearend with a 4:10 & didn't have the original cog. It was a torque monster that did nothing but spin the tires.
The GT however I purchased from the original buyer with only 2K miles on it. Came stock with the Shaker 1000 & my color dash lights. He was a Ford Techie & had made beautiful modifications such as replaced the OEM exhaust & suspension w/Ford Racing Performance products. He replaced the quarter panel windows with Silver Horse Racing louvered windows. Replaced the valve covers with polished aluminum & the oil cap as well with the pony emblem. Took off all GT emblems & put on the classic Pony tri-bars. I lowered the car & had Specialty Products camber/caster kits put on to 0 out the alignment. Walked away with Toyo Proxy 4 275/35/20 & 255/35/20 high performance tires mounted on the gorgeous Budnick Ice series 20" polished aluminum wheels. Other mods inc. a shorty antenna, short throw shifter, tinted windows, carbon 3D front chin spoiler, now the GT 500 duck tail deck lid spoiler, all matching in the vista blue as well has having had the exterior mirrors painted to match. Also have the Bear 14' slotted & cross drilled rotors w/their calipers. My dream is to upgrade to a Kenne Bell 2.6L stage 2 supercharger. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
Bill E 03/04/2012
Sweet stang! Love the mods too! MGW, Steeda, Hurst shifter? I'm with you on loving the '69's and that love being rekindled with the '05's. Tryin my dmdest to get into a '12 5.0!