From Mini Van To Mustang

When I turned 16 I inherited my family's 12 year old Pontiac mini van. I got a decent paying job when I turned 20 and was very excited to get a car - preferably something cool. On my way home from church one day I saw a 1998 red convertible Mustang for sale - I told my parents it was a sign from God that I should buy it. My mom was excited because most of her family has worked for Ford, and she always drives a Ford. I had never even ridden in a convertible before I bought it; I'm hooked now - I will always have a convertible. It's only a V6 automatic, but a huge upgrade from a mini van, and I call it my "gateway Mustang" because I am addicted to Mustangs now. My friends get annoyed at how I point out EVERY Mustang I see. I cannot wait to buy my next one! I'm hoping for a new one next year, and a 1965 - 1970 Mustang sometime in my future :)
Callum W 07/08/2012
cool its awesome