From Chevy To Ford In One Car!

About two years ago I was looking for my "American Muscle". I had just sold my '87 Toyota Supra and was looking forward to getting a Camaro. Always been a Chevy fan, until....I ran into her. A 1994 Mustang GT 5.0L. Canary Yellow with black leather seats and interior, and I put '03 Cobra rims on it. It was a strong car and sounded mean. Shifting through gears and barking tires made me feel one with the car. I have never felt so alive until this Mustang came into my life. I loved my car. My dad gave me a hard time for getting a Ford because to this day I am the first one to ever bring a Ford in the driveway. Sadly had to get rid of my car a year later due to economy and paying my bills wore more important than toys. I am working and saving my money to get another mustang because it was the best car I have ever had!