Free Mustang!!!!!

By Dave S.

In July, 2010 we were in our 2005 Mustang heading back to Austin from our lake house in NE Texas where we were planning to retire to at the end of the year. About 125 miles from home we smelled something nasty. Popping the hood I found the DieHard battery had died very, very hard, spewing sulfuric acid all over the engine bay. We pulled into a coin operated car wash and sprayed it off, leaving the engine running, then completed the trip home. Sadly, the insurance company totaled the Mustang due to potential wiring problems down the road, though everything was still working just fine. Of course I had to have another Mustang so I bought a 2011 MCA edition, not an expense I had planned for.

As it turned out I had purchased some Ford stock when the US auto industry was in crisis. I knew the products were good with exciting new models on the horizon. I had confidence in Ford management and I was sure the employees were equally committed to weather the storm. It paid off and I was sitting on enough profits to pay for the 2011 and still keep some Ford stock in my portfolio. So the way I see it, Ford excellence gave me the 2011 and what a great car it is. I loved my 2005, but the 2011 is even better ... better mileage, faster, more comfortable, and lots more gadgets. Thank you Ford!!!!!