Former Mustang Patrol Car Finds A New Life.

Many young people in the 80's and 90 remember the 5.0 mustang. How many of us wanted to own one. Well I owned a new 91 coupe and spent many miles behind the wheel. As time went on vehicle needs change and so went the mustang for a F-150 truck. Years later I thought it sure would be nice to find another one to restore and enjoy again. Well my search ended with the car in the picture. I found this car in my area from a car collector. The car was all original and needed allot of work. I really didn't much about SSP mustangs at the time. I had seen them before years ago patrolling the roads. So I bought it thinking it was cool. So after a few years of work I'm back on the road driving a historic Ford mustang.
Michael P 05/11/2012
I remember the black and silver 5.0 LX's the NCHP used to cruise around in. LOVED THEM. Nice flashback, thanks.
Dave E 04/22/2012
That's pretty neat!