Forgive Yourself And Dream

By Bill M.

my first car was a 1968 coupe red w/black vinyl top and a 289 auto. it was my brothers but i bought it from him after he wrecked it in 1975. i was 15 and could only drive it down the driveway to take the trash out but that was awesome at 15 it was a mustang!. as my father and i worked on it everyweekend and had it repaired before i turned 16. my dad was really good and the car was sharp. i passed my drivers test and the day i turned 16 was off in my stang.
i drove her almost a yr and really put some miles on her ,she could do no wrong. i however could do no right. i had begun my drinking at an early age and started mixing drinking and driving. back then it was not as big a deal and i thought i could handle it. boy was i wrong. in july of 1976 i went to a party ,drank to much and proceeded to put my love that 68 stang head on into a telephone pole. she was gone. in 2007 my wife bought me a 1965 fastback which ended my 31 yr wait to heal form my mistake .i am trying to recreate a real 65 gt350 in red and white.i have loved the ford mustang for37 yrs