Fords One Every Driveway

Henry Ford , Harvey Firestone & Thomas Edison were genuses of there time.They change the world. Where would the auto industry be if Henry Ford hadn't had the dream to put a car every driveway. I am glade he did.Like my dad & his dad before him have always had Fords
I start out buying my 1st car @ 17 years old. It happen to be a 1968 Mustang Sprint package 302 4 barrel. I learned drive a standard trans in a 1949 Ford pickup.I date my wife in the mustang & 1974 Bronco half cab. I have had all kinds Ford vehicles since 68 mustang. I currently have a 1967 mustang 289 c4 factory in dash air & power disc brakes. I also have a 2006 Fusion ( great car 28 mpg highway) & a 2002 F 250 7.3 power stroke. It just turned over 200,000 miles with no major problems. 1 warranty repair & 2 recall repair trips back to dealer. As you can tell I love Fords. I am thankful for what Henry Ford did back in the early 1900's I am thankful that Ford did not take bail out money. It has made Ford stronger & better than ever before.
I will always be a Ford man.

PS Like me my son is also a Ford man. He has a 2001 F 150 super crew with over 200,000 miles