Fords In My Life

By Stan P.

Anxious to learn to drive my early teens started driving a 1959 F-150 on the family grounds, a 6 cylinder, 3 speed model.  Once I had my license I got a used 65 Stang covertible I drove all over New England.  Then on to a 68 Mercury Montego convertible with a 390 V8, which then lead to a a 69 Merc Cougar convertible, such style, power.  

During my Air Force time I rented Pinto, Fairmonts and Town Cars, but a 87 Mustang convertible was my drive.  The 90s had me in a Probe, and now I'm retired and looking to get 2 Mustangs, a 66 convertible, and new one.   
Fords have never let me down, and I'll stay with them.  Part of my life past and the future..