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I purchased my 2001 Ford Mustang on April 18, 2001. It was my first new car ever after graduating university and I was a huge Mustang fan having put over 370000 miles on a 1986 Mustang. I took meticulous care of this new purchase. The car was purchased in St. John's, Newfoundland (which happens to be the place that the very first Ford Mustang went when it was accidentally sold to an airline pilot here). In June 2001 I drove this car from St. John's to Denver, Colorado as I had accepted a job there. Driving this new car across the US was a fantastic experience for me. I spent a few months in Colorado and was then assigned to a small town in Utah. I regularly drove this car to Salt Lake City on the weekends (about a 3 hour drive each way). I was rolling up the miles quite quickly. Eventually I got reassigned to Denver. In 2006 I bought a 2006 Mustang GT but I kept the 2001 as it was still running great and looking great despite its high miles. In 2007 I got reassigned to Calgary, Alberta and I drove each of my cars from Denver to Calgary loving each road trip. In 2011 I had a new work assignment so I had to drive my cars across Canada for storage in Newfoundland, the birthplace of my 2001. This 2001 drove amazing and at this point in its life it had 403000 kilometers (over 250000 miles). I built a garage specifically for storing these cars as I planned to keep them both forever. My 2001 was simply an amazing car. I always got comments about its pristine condition and disbelief about the amount of miles that were on it! It had the original engine and transmission that still both worked flawlessly. It had the original paint, water pump, starting motor, windshield (crack free), just to name a few things. Its front turn signal bulbs were even original. I considered this car to be bullet proof. Under the hood the engine and engine bay looked like new still as I used to hose down the engine about 2 times per month. The undercarriage was in amazing shape and the car had no rust despite the fact that I had used it in the winters out west. I wish I could submit more photos, as one photo does not do justice for this car. Sadly, in October 2012 my 2001 Mustang was wrecked after a young girl turned into me at an intersection in St. John's. Her car was also totaled. I was so angry that it got wrecked and I'm still annoyed by it to this day. I had planned to only drive this car during the summer months in Newfoundland (too much road salt in the winters) and was on a mission to see how many more miles I could rack up. It had over 422000 kilometers (over 262000 miles) when it was wrecked.
Ford Social 08/06/2014
Hi Dean - The pride and joy that you experience as a Ford Mustang owner really shines through in your story. It is unfortunate that you no longer have this vehicle, but we are pleased to know that it served you well through the years. Thank you for sharing your story! - Social.Ford