Ford Supercharged Mustang All Wheel Drive

First of all let me say I have had the hardest of times drawing this thing it all stems for my love of Mustangs! In 2000 I had a ford mustang 87 gt t-top which I loved to the death of it seriously! The car was totaled by some one throwing beer bottles out the passenger side window. my second mustang wasa 99 mustang convertible which I sold my stang to my uncle what a dummy I sold it for 3500.00usd it's now worth 5000.00usd the problems i gather while having my mustang their not good in rain or snow so my quest began there was no ford social or i didn't know of it in 2008 anyways I kept in contact with ford motor company in 2011 I think I became an insider now I just want to see my dream develop in production.I finacially disabled so I can't patent it