Ford Mustang Enthusiast

My first vehicle was a 69' Stang 302 and I've been a FORD FAN ever since. Our family consists of an fox body 89' GT (few mods), - VERY FAST and FUN to drive, 89 LX (lots of mods) VERY, VERY FAST and my daily driver the 95' GT with 288k MILES and is still a very dependable car. She gets on average 405 miles per week as I commute back and forth to work. This car still has the ORIGINAL CLUTCH, does not use oil, does not leak and STILL LOOKS GOOD. I'm saving my $$$$'s for a new 5.0 GT, but mine now such a good car I hate to waste a good quality vehicle and not use up every last mile she has. That will be one sad day....=( but for now she is running strong =) as ever - lookin good, with no, I will stay loyal to her for as long as she gets me to and from anywhere I need to go.....GREAT JOB FORD WHEN PUTTING THIS ONE TOGETHER...... MustSally89'
Jared 04/14/2012
I believe it, totally! I have a 94 Mustang GT and it had over 250,000 plus miles and was still running strong. Of course I was doing engine work with a buddy and we tried to drill out a broke bolt, bad idea. Should have left it for the experts lol. but now I got another 5.0 in it with 88,000 miles so I am sure I will have it for many, many years to come.:-)
Tammy F 04/12/2012
Thanks Linda, I tried to post a pic of the 95', but it wouldn't take, not sure why?? People just can't believe the miles and how she still looks...unbelievable....and is not babied at all. your 91', my 89GT (34K miles) is only driven on nice sunny clear days. But, I must say, "I can't resist a good race!" =) My best time was 13.02 in the 1/4 ml. she is a strong...strong running car and soooo...much fun...I especially LUV runnin against the IMPORTS and the best part.... they can't stand it when a girl out runs them in a AOD! MustSally89'
Linda T 04/11/2012
Great story. My 91 Mustanag GT also has original engine and transmission and 220,000 miles on it. Still dependable. When people make joke about fords I just say "Want to race?"