For The Love Of Mustangs

In 2007 myself and 3 of my sisters were in need of new cars. While we were all dilligently saving up we were presented with the greatest suprise ever! My mother came home from a trip to Florida where she had a V6 mustang as her rental car and she loved it. She said it was quite peppy for a V6, drove really well, and was comfortable. She then hit us with the suprise that she was buying 4 2008 V6 mustangs for all of us to drive! We all got to pick out options and the color of our choice. Several weeks after ordering our cars my mother asked us to meet her at Ford in Riverhead, NY to sign the paperwork so when the cars came in we could all just go pick them up. To our suprise when we arrived to sign the paperwork our mustangs for all in the show room with big red bows and people flashing pictures of our suprised faces. Feeling like celebrities we all lined up a drove them home like a mustang gang. The cars were beautiful and amazing. More recently as a graduation present i was given the new 2012 5.0 GT mustang. I must say that I loved my 2008, but Ford truly has outdone themself with the remodel. I love all the changes they made. The many people that worked so hard on the remodel should be very proud of their hardwork because it is greatly appreciated. My family loves mustangs and has been driving different years and models for quite some time now. My mother and father owned several in their younger years and my mother currently is still the first and proud owner of a 1998 Cobra Mustang. My brother, who received his license this past year started off with a 1990 5.0 GT and has recently moved onto a 2000 GT. I just wanted everyone to know that mustangs are among the greatest sports cars ever and I will forever drive mustangs! And that was just the mustangs owned by my siblings and parents, we're not even gonna begin with the rest of my mustang loving famiily.