Finding A Gem

It was spring 2003 was looking to move so I was out looking at houses Caroi my realestate agent was taliking with me , I had just sold a "67" metallic teal fastback that I had rebuilt from the ground up replace everything except the doors roof a hood, was nice and buought a 67 corvette , relax I had it 9 months and hated every minute of it the 67 I sold had 5.0 from a 87 GT c4 auto with a shift kit nice really nice I was kicking myself them while talking with carol who was a corvette girl , I said I should have never sold my mustang, just then another agent walked up to me and said call this guy he might be selling his , thinking its a waste I took the number and called him he said you want to see it come on over and look at if your interested called my friend George a car guy to take a ride over with me, I said george its probably a piece of junk (while we were waiting for him to open the door) when he did our jaws hit the floor in wows! he was the original owner and her did a little racing with it in 67,68,69 and after we got over being stunned I said to the guy what are asking for it , he scratched his chin a little and "I dont know hows $10,000 sound my jaw hit the floor again and my friend George said " Denny you got to get rid of that vette!" Told I would need to sell it to buy it , he said "how long will that take"? I said " not long I hope". That night I took it to a car show and threw a for sale sign on it and a guy on a cell phone aske me what I wanted for it I said "tonight $21,000 would take it " and a guy who collected corvettes bought sight unseen for that price that was friday and the mustang was in my garage the following monday! Did I mention he was the original owner and it only had 27,000 mile on it , it didnt run but , all i did was a carburater set of wheels and tires and a gas tank and I have been driving it sinnce, I should mention he found a "68" Gt that was totaled and took the trany a T-10 4 speed and droped it in back then not a bad move, today nov, 2011 its got 41,000 on it and just had the front suspension redone on it, I found it in Pittsburgn, PA and in Jan 2008 we moved to Phoenix Az, buy the way we got married in Pgh Pa at a car show Labor Day weekend what a nigh over 1,500 cars at the show and probably 5000 people at the wedding , I told my wife were living a drean here , cari nice very , it had a repaint in 1973 the guy I bought it from painted it then parked it , where it sat for 15 yrs til I stumble across it I still cant believe it , by the way I did not know my wife til I bought the Mustang she didn not like corvettes so I would have never met her with the vette, but I came down in the garage we were living in a condo and she had her head stuck inside my car and thas how we met, this car was didffinitely a good thing for me , and I love driving it , I dont think I will be selling this one!