Finally Made It And It Was Sure Worth It!!!

You know growing up we never had much, we had what we needed but never had the best of anything. My mother worked really hard to show my twin brother and I a good work ethic. In life if you want more you do more. But we where always one of those kids that got to stand in the background and watch the other kids play with four wheelers, dirt bikes and mustangs. I have alway had a dream of owing my own Mustang GT. Even had such a love that in the 90's I worked at a Ford Dealership to learn all I could. Suddenly life got in the way with children, mortages and some of my goals were put on hold. But this last July a dream became a reality. A lifetime of hard work and determination paid off finally on July 4th I purchased my first Mustang GT. Someitimes at night I wake up and go to the garage just to look out and see if it is there.
I know exactly what you mean, I too have my 2011 Mustang 5.0 Convertible in the garage waiting for some good weather to return in the Spring. I've worked my whole life and now have my dream car!
Joshua DeZarn 04/07/2011
Great story! Since I was a little boy, I have always dreamed of buying a 50th Anniversary Mustang. Hopefully, when they time comes, I will be able to afford one.
bryan cordova 03/20/2011
beautiful ride!!
Joe Petrimoulx 02/04/2011
I know what you mean.,. I just purchased a 2010 GT near the end of last summer. It is currently in the garage being protected from Snow and salt. Every once in a while I go out there and uncover it just to stare at it. I miss my car.