Father's Day Tribute

I am 33 years old, and I have to say that as far back as I can remember Fords have been a part of my family. I can remember back to my childhood and remember my dad and grandpa talking about Ford cars and trucks for hours. I remember my grandpa proudly wearing his Ford hat every time I saw him. I remember seeing pictures of the Ford vehicles he owned in the past, and was able to enjoy the ones he owned throughout the rest of his life. He passed his love of Ford’s down to my father who then passed that love to me. Needless to say, when I turned 16 I learned to drive in a Ford, my teacher of course, was my father.

Growing up I looked forward to every summer when my dad and I would go to car shows. We would take whatever Ford my dad owned at that time to the car show. We would proudly wear our Ford T-shirts and would walk past every classic Thunderbird, Fairlane, Mustang, Shelby Cobra and GT40 and talk about our hopes and dreams. We would talk about everything from the shenanigans my Dad had in Fords when he was growing up to what was under the hoods of these beautiful machines.

We had a lot of favorite car shows, but one that was special was in the city I grew up in. Our local Ford Dealership held an annual Father’s Day car show, which my Dad and I attended every year. They had everything from the classic Model T’s to the Super Snake Mustang. My Dad shared his knowledge and love of Ford’s with me and others at the show. We always left the car show with smiles on our faces and a little more knowledge then we had going in.

These are special memories that I will cherish forever. I still smile to this day thinking about my grandpa in his old Ford hat, and I know that my Dad and I will continue to have a special place in our hearts for Ford vehicles.

Thank you, Ford for making such great vehicles and for being such an important part of our family throughout the years.