Father/daughter Project

By Amy J.

Growing up there were a couple of Mustangs on our block. I always thought they were the coolest vehicles. I shared this with my Dad. Apparently he thought they were pretty cool too. One day he said that he knew someone selling a 1965 Mustang. I was ready to buy. We traveled two hours to Cedar Rapids, where we used to live, to check out this Mustang. It was being sold by someone my dad used to work with. We took a flatbed trailer with us (just in case). The mustang was in rough shape. It was honeygold green with a black vinyl top. The inside was in pretty good condition. It had been sitting in this guy's garage for fifteen years. I think it was going to be a project that he just never got around to completing. The areas around the wheels by the fender had ugly bondo that was a greyish color. I had the vision and knew what it could be. So did my dad. We bought the car and hauled it back to Ames even in the rain. For the next three years my dad and I did as much of the restoration as we could. I would ask him what I could do and he would show me. The car was painted a couple of months after I graduated from college. Shortly afterward, I moved to Chicago and didn't have a good place to keep the car. My parents stored it and took it to shows. They got to enjoy it just like I enjoy it now. I was able to keep it when I bought my first house five years later. I still think it is the coolest car ever made. I will share it one day with my daughter and son, whom have already started going to shows with me.