Fate - Two Mustangs That I Own But Nearly Didn't

Back in 1995, fresh out of college and beginning my career as a teacher, I instantly fell in love with the SN95 Mustang design.   I had to have one and I was hooked.   For about 6 months I was seriously looking, then finally on Sunday, December 17, 1995, my wife and I decided it was time to go bring a lil' black Mustang GT coupe home from the Sames Ford Used Cars dealership.  Unfortunately, upon arrival, we noticed the car was missing from the lot.  A gentleman came out of the office and informed us that the tires had been slashed and it had been taken to the Sames Honda dealership.  So we drove over and asked a sales representative about the Mustang.  He went in to ask his supervisor and returned with good and bad news.   The good news was that the car was on the lot.  The bad news was that another customer wanted it too; but they'd have to wait for that person to come up with a down payment.   My heart sank; but, I quickly responded to the salesman that I had the money and credit to drive the Mustang off their lot that morning.   He went to go talk to his supervisor.  He returned and said "the car's yours if you want it."   We made a deal and my wife and I have owned "Blackie" now for 18 years.   He has about 45,000 miles on the odometer and has brought many 1st place awards at car shows.   We love our 1995 Ford Mustang GT and will more than likely never sell it, considering it was being "held" for another customer.  
In 2011, I decided it was time to add a fox body to my collection.  I found a near-mint 1992 GT convertible on Ebay in mid-November.   My wife and I both fell in love with the car and were ready to become the new owners.  We placed a bid; but, unfortunately we were outbid by another Ebayer at the last moment.  Obviously, we were disappointed.  However, two weeks later, out of the blue, I received a second chance offer from the owner from Missouri, being that the Ebayer who'd won the auction backed out!   My wife and I jumped for joy and accepted it.   With that, our 1992 Mustang GT convertible with only 39,000 miles became our second Mustang that we own...but really shouldn't have.   Some call it luck.  Some call it fate.  We call 'em our Mustangs (Blackie & Red) and we love 'em!   Thank you FORD!  Oh, and our 5 year old daughter loves 'em both too! ;)