Fanatic Addicction

since i was little kid my dad always bought me notebooks or pens with mustang pictures on them, and always told me ''ford has smell of freedom,one day i will pass the ocean''. i was operated when i was 5 years old on my leg, i was not fully recovered when my father left for england. he told me we would pass one day. that time didnt really mentioned my fanatic love for day older brother of my friend took us for ride on 2000 mustang .and since when i was sleeping i could hear mustang roaring in my head .every night i was sitting at my window waitting for a mustang to pass. for 12 years already i am addict of mustang .every time i see mustang a stand for hours or minutes and stare at it with fanatic love in my eyes,
so ..tell me am i crazy? crazy for mustangs
RICK S 11/23/2012
You're not crazy. Just Mustang crazy. Millions of people would agree with you.....
I have this addiction as well, when my mom introduced me to the Mustang Cobra R and F-150 Lightning when i was young. I see that i'm not the only one, haha.