Family Of Mustangs

We are family that loves Mustangs! My father growing up owned three mustangs before the family heirloom that we have now. He has had this Fastback for almost 25 years. This '65 Fastback has been lugged all around Texas. We have all had our share in helping restore it, there are countless memories we have experienced in this car. It is our family heirloom! My mother was given a '68 Fastback by my father on their 25th Anniversary. My brother owns a 2010 Mustang, my other brother has a '73, I have a '69 and a '66. We are a Mustang family who enjoys restoring and driving these amazing vehicles. My daughter one day will have grandpa's viper red GT all to herself. She will learn to appreciate and love these classic Mustangs like we do.
Moe Nelson 12/12/2011
My family will be like yours some day. I'm the first in my family to own a Mustang, and hopefully not the last. Mine is a 1978 Coupe that I am slowly rebuilding from the ground up, and hopefully in the future i will have many more.
That is just wonderful I remember my parents getting the first mustang 65 boy did we feel on top of the world so sporty we go down the road and if you saw another one you wave I remember when my Mom before she passed away I parked next to a Mustang Cobra she could not see to well by then but she said oh what a nice car I said it is a Mustang :)