Family Of Ford Lovers

We have been a Ford family for as long as I can remember. Dad had a 1968 Ranchero that my grandfather liked so much, he bought it from the dealership when my father's lease ran out. Dad traded it for a station wagon and after a few years, started his own business so he drove a 1/2 ton pick up truck. The company delivery truck was a Ford F-750 that we used from 1971 until 1993, when we closed the store.
Mom drove a 1977 LTD Brougham, an 89 Taurus Wagon and a 94 Taurus Sedan. Her father drove a black Mercury (matched the outboard on his boat) then upgraded to a Lincoln Continental when he reitred so he could pull his travel trailer.
With a family like this, is it any wonder that my first car was a 79 mustang? I drove it through high school and college before trading it in on a pick up truck when I became a sales rep in the construction industry. One of my brothers drives an F-150 and the other brother drives an F-250, that he tows his family travel travel with. Even my wife drives a Ford. My construction product sales rep job required a closed vehicle. Cement products don't do well when they get wet so I bought an Expedition back in 2001 to drive my three state territory. It now has over 250,000 miles on it and my wife still drives it. She sold her mini van as she loves the power and handling of the Expedition. Our 11 year old daughter thinks it is cool that we bought the car the year she was born! (Her birthday is 9/11/11, yes, the infamous 9/11.) The Expedition still runs like a top and averages 18 mpg with a V-8, without ever having needed any major service items. We have not made a car payment since 2005. The Ford Expedition is the best family car either my wife or I has ever bought.
Alfredo N 10/23/2013
its good to hear from expedition fans im one also i get 23mpg with mine